What are the differences between the former online engine and the new desktop application?

Basically, the concept remains the same: you target some content to (virtually, visually) disasterize it with the help of several devastating animations. However, there are indeed some major differences.

1. Technically speaking, the former engine was fully online-based. No prior software download was required. All that was needed was the usual web browser with the proper Flash player installed. Now, you need to download and install an application for an offline use.

2. One of the main differences resides in the way you choose your target. The former online engine required that you type (or copy-paste) the complete URL (web address) of the target-page. The target had to be a web page. With the new desktop application, the target CAN be a web page, but doesn't have to. It can be anything on your computer screen.

Some disasters used to retrieve data from the target page (texts, pictures...) and use them as graphic material within the animation. Some of these disasters have been removed from the list, since there's no target URL anymore. On the other hand, the desktop application allows targeting anything displayed on your computer screen, not just web pages..

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