Some disasters from the former online version seem to be

missing in the new desktop application. Why?

Actually, some of the disasters from the former online version have been removed, most of them for technical reasons. For example, some of the most interesting disasters used to (harmlessly) suck content from the target site (texts, pictures). Since there's no such thing as a "target site" now, these concept can no longer exist. I will work on new versions of these disasters, for those that can be adapted to an offline concept.

As for the Led Zeppelin disaster, that's a bit different. This disaster had been designed for a viral campaign on the occasion of a new Led Zeppelin album and show. The Warner record company had given me a limited time license for using Led Zeppelin's name, music, and other copyrighted material. Back then, the disaster was not supposed to be distributed as part of a desktop application. So for all these reasons, I cannot include the Led Zeppelin disaster in the desktop application. However, I intend to re-design the disaster to a more generic version, that will not be Led Zeppelin branded, unfortunately. So hopefully, it will be included in the future releases of the app, although Led Zeppelin fans might be disappointed about the new, neutral concept, that will no longer refer explicitly to the band.

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