eBay song

Here is a song suggested by a Netdisaster supporter and songwriter named Maik Macho.


Here my not complete , censored , false grammar rime/poem with words that are used multiplie times (yay , bay , --y)
(Works at best with bg music Bodenstandig 2000 - In Rock 8bit)

Is such a --y
It buys and sells
and banns and steals
and what we just want
We want you with their YES in the hand !

Is a s--king Bay
Is like the Pirate bay
just more --y
and does not says YAY
when they kicka-- us with their --y

...which does not mean
Netdisaster is not clean

of Physhing
and Fishing
and stealing
and dealing

... Netdisaster is clean
and not mean
and not physhing and going to steal
Netdisaster is clean
and we want to have it back
and kicka-- their hack
back on their biga--megafalsebuga--back (//megafaksebuga--back should be good to the fast part of the song)


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