Why and how to use Netdisaster

Basically, Netdisaster is absolutely useless, as you may have noticed.

Netdisaster simulates the destruction of anything on your computer screen.

To start a new disaster, simply enter the URL of a site in the form on the home page. The target page can be the home page of the target site or any of its pages.

If you're a newbie to the internet and you don't know how you could copy a website's URL, please click here.

Choose the disaster options.

Viewing the target-site with a disaster in progress, you can browse the modified site just as if it was a normal site by clicking on any link: the new pages displayed will be subject to the same kind of destruction.

Nevertheless, when the destruction is underway, elements in the page covered by an impact or any moving object cannot be clicked. Also, when in mouse-control mode, the whole page surface is dedicated to defining the impact spots, so that all original links in the target-page are unavailable for clicking.

You can view the original, undestroyed site anytime, by clicking on the "original site" button from Netdisaster's control bar.

The disasters are always different, since the locations and pace of impacts are not determined in advance.

Furthermore, if the target-page is a dynamic page, or is frequently updated (ex: CNN's homepage), the page contents can change between two disasters.

If you want to tell a friend about your disaster, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL from your browser's address bar, and send it by e-mail or any other way you like. Actually, direct links to disasters have been disabled since the Yahoo! incident.

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