I've got a website, and I'd like to link to a disaster I've made. How can I do this?

You can link to a disaster only if the target-site explicitly agrees to be disasterized. If you intend to target your own site, just upload a mere netdisaster.txt text file to the root of your domain or subdomain. See example here.

Netdisaster will try to access this text file when a URL points to a disaster, in the form of:
In the example above, the netdisaster.txt file has to be located at:

If the target-site has no netdisaster.txt file at its root, you won't be able to link to the disaster. Netdisaster will redirect any such URL to Netdisaster's home.

Some time ago, Netdisaster offered the possibility of sharing any disaster's URL.
That was fun, but well, maybe 0.0001% of the "victims" didn't really get the concept, felt offensed, or even threatened. So felt Yahoo!, and that was the end of sharing netdisasters.

If you've got your own site or blog and you'd like this very site of yours to be disasterized, you can also use the Netdisaster-yourself feature.

Can I send a disaster by e-mail?

Yes and no. Same limitations as above.

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